8 Tips for Weed Management in Your Commercial Landscape (#2 Is Hugely Effective)

May 17, 2023 3:38 pm Published by

One of the unfortunate challenges that will always be a part of landscape architecture is maintenance. How lovely would it be if we could just set it and forget it, right? But nature will have its way … if you don’t put effort into managing your commercial landscape, you’ll find yourself saddled with an unruly, expensive-to-fix, unattractive—even dangerous—environment. How do you avoid that? Well, hiring an attentive maintenance team is the best solution. Still, it always pays to have some knowledge surrounding your landscape’s maintenance needs. So today, we’re talking about the number-one way to keep your landscape architecture thriving: effective weed management. Here are our top tips!  #1 Consider Where Weed Management Comes In The very first thing to do is to think about your landscape’s architecture. Do you have large expanses of grass or many smaller planting beds? Or, as with many designs, a little bit of both? This is the primary factor that will determine how you approach weed management in your landscape. Why? Because herbicide can be effective in both areas, but planting beds allow you to employ other options, too.  Here’s what we mean by that …  #2 Remember the Benefits of Mulch When you […]