What Our Clients Have to Say

What is it like to work with Jerry Pate Design? Our clients share their experiences.

"The restoration will be done by Jerry Pate Design, the company owned by the winner of the 1976 U.S. Open and the 1982 Players Championship. After that latter victory, Pate threw Dye into the water on the new Players Stadium Course at TPC Sawgrass that Dye had recently designed ... The updates to Teeth of the Dog will be the first large-scale work to the course since it opened."
Creative Director and Travel Editor at Golfweek
“They understand the use, purpose, and function of a project, which in turn informs their planning efforts for the landscape and creates great spaces for the end users to enjoy. Their ability to understand the whole project contributes to their ability to design with project budget parameters in mind, showing their commitment to the customer. It was a pleasure to work with the team at Jerry Pate Design. It is the only company that we involve in every single one of our projects. We may have different architects, plumbers, electricians, or contractors, but we make sure that Jerry Pate Design is a part of each project with us because of the unbelievable excellence they add to every job.”
Founder at Studer Family of Companies
“The Jerry Pate Design team was essential in the efforts to preserve historical architecture located on our project site. Their landscape architects helped our entire design team see the potential of the exterior spaces around these historical relics and created livable amenities for our tenants. Having them on our team early was vital to the success of the overall development.”
Managing Partner at Bearing Point Properties
Pete Dye's Teeth of the Dog at Casa de Campo in the Dominican Republic is widely considered the best course in the Caribbean. It opened in 1971 and Pete and his wife Alice, who had a winter home on the course, continued to tweak the layout for nearly half a century. Pro golfer Jerry Pate was the lowest scorer when USA won the 1974 World Amateur Team Championship on the course, and he has been a regular visitor since. He was a friend of the Dyes — he and Pete memorably shared a dip in the lake at the eighteenth at TPC Sawgrass following Pete's victory at the inaugural Players tournament in 1982 — and with his senior designer Steve Dana is now course consultant for Casa de Campo. In 2025, Pate and Dana will renovate the Teeth of the Dog.
Richard Humphreys
Golf Course Architecture
“Pate is the genuine article … a thoughtful creative artist, someone who’s downright brainy when it comes to golf design.”
RON Whitten
Senior Editor, Architecture at Golf Digest
“It was truly a pleasure when I heard that Jerry Pate and Steve Dana were handling the design and supervision for the redesign of Pensacola Country Club. They provided the leadership and produced a first-class product on time and within budget. Their professionalism and dedication resulted in our course being named the 2007 Renovation of the Year by Golf Inc. We are very happy with the results.”
President at Pensacola Country Club
“It’s always a pleasure teaming up with Jerry Pate Design. Their creative design solutions are well communicated both graphically and verbally. The entire team is responsive to requests and prompt with design deadlines. They study the architecture as well as the site in order to create a cohesively designed space enjoyed by our end users.”
Senior Project Manager at STOA Architects
"On Pensacola’s Community Maritime Park Owner’s Representative Services: “From day one it was apparent that Jerry Pate Design’s number-one objective was to build the best possible facility for the citizens of Pensacola and do it in the most economical way possible while keeping the project on schedule, within budget, and without issues.”
Contract Manager at HOAR Construction, LLC
“Jerry Pate has a reputation for being one of the industry’s brightest minds, capable of creating masterful landscape works of art, even when the budget may call for something less.”
Editor at Southern Golf Journal