4 Tips to Create a Landscape People Want to Spend Time In

When you seek to design landscape architecture for your business or community space, one goal is overarching. You want it to be a place that people enjoy. Time spent in nature is great for our well-being, and when you provide an opportunity for that, people appreciate it. 

People-friendly green spaces also invite respite that can support better interactions with your organization. For example, a tired mom who is running errands with the kiddos might be ready to make more stops in your shopping district after she gets a break with her coffee while the kids run around. The family of a sick patient might feel comforted and encouraged after spending some time in the hospital’s outdoor space. 

The value of designing green spaces for people to enjoy is clear. But how do you do that? Well, here are four tips to create a landscape people want to spend time in. 

#1 Make Shade Available in Your Landscape Design

There are many benefits to planting ample trees in your landscape architecture. But as tips to create a landscape people want to spend time in go, this is a big one. Why? Because of shade!  

Whether you live in a super sunny, hot climate or one that experiences more overcast and cool days, this is important. As much as we love the sunshine, it can be something that we need to escape from time to time. 

Trees are the intuitive, eco- and people-friendly way to do it. 

#2 Provide Adequate Seating

While you are considering the opportunities to access shade, also think about seating. Beneath the branches of a tree is a good place to put a bench. If you are going to include water features, this could also be a nice area for seating. 

And here is another major one of our tips to create a landscape people enjoy: contemplate the use for each seating area. Beneath a tree works great for a bench. But a picnic table, where people might be eating, shouldn’t necessary sit directly beneath tree branches since it will attract more bugs. 

#3 Choose Landscaping Plants Carefully


If you’re trying to design a green space people will enjoy, you probably start off thinking that you should select beautiful plants. Your concern is likely surrounding what looks nice, and little else. 

But in fact, you should think more about what else the plants are attractive to. Mainly, we’re talking about bees! This is possibly the most important of our tips to create a landscape people want to spend time in: do not attract pollinators. 

You wouldn’t be blamed for thinking people would be delighted by birds, butterflies, and bees. But the latter can be dangerous, because many people are severely allergic to bees. (Plus, birds can soil seating areas and food, which creates a problem if you invite too many of them.)

And not only can you avoid plants that attract them, but there are plenty of plants to repel them! Check out this helpful list from Ehrlich

#4 In Your Landscape Architecture Be Mindful of Safety 

No one will want to spend time in a landscape where they don’t feel safe! Everything from proper lighting and smooth pathways to ensuring there aren’t convenient hiding spots for snakes, alligators, and more, should be addressed. 

We often recommend that making a tentative plan for how to outline pathways, lighting, and shrubbery be the first thing you do after analyzing the site.  

With these tips to create a landscape people want to spend time in, we’re sure you will find that a successful, beautiful green space is just around the corner.  

And if you need help getting there, visit our Services page to learn more about what we do here at Jerry Pate Design. 

Steve Dana
Steve Dana
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