4 Tips to Prepare Your Green Space for Winter

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With every new season comes a fresh opportunity to renew your green space. By keeping the time of year in mind, you can ensure that it continues to be a place people enjoy spending time in. This is perhaps never more relevant than in winter. That is especially true if you live in a climate with extreme cold temperatures. But even if you only get a few chilly days or a single frost, it is worthwhile to consider how you can make your green space better for those circumstances. Here are four tips to prepare your green space for winter! 

#1 Clear Away Weeds, Leaves, Etc. 

Although many people associate weeds with the impressive burst of life that comes from the springtime, fall has its own varieties. Depending on where your green space is located, this could be more or less of a problem. But it doesn’t hurt to allocate a little time to ensuring your environment is spruced up to look its best during the bare winter months. 

If you work with a landscape architect to plan and manage maintenance, you won’t have to do this part yourself. Either way, try to make sure it gets done. 

While you’re at it, blow all of those leaves away one last time once the trees are done shedding. If fall debris is not picked up in a fairly timely manner, it can actually create a disease issue in the spring. Snow mold and other diseases, including ones that harm trees, can last through the winter by being harbored in decaying leaf piles.  

If you are in a warmer climate, the weeds may be more of an issue, but hey, at least you get out of the leaf blowing!    

#2 Keep Visitors Warm

In adjusting your green space for winter, heat should be your main concern. No one is going to spend time in an outdoor environment if they find it too chilly. And remember, everyone’s tolerance is different. Even if you don’t think 60 degrees is very cold, it could be for a visitor to your green space. 

Luckily, there are ways to warm your space up! Depending on the type of clientele you are accommodating, a fire pit could be a fun idea and activity. However, we definitely recommend having a plan to monitor this whenever it’s lit (you don’t want any accidents!). Another idea that can be safer is a commercial heater. There are plenty of options, but this Outdoor Propane Patio Heater from Thermo Tiki is a great wholesale one.  

#3 Consider the Impact of a Frost

If you live in an area where frost is likely, this needs to be a major consideration in your green space for winter. Possibly the single most dangerous thing that winter can bring to your green space is black ice. Black ice forms when rain or snow falls during freezing temps and then partially melts when it goes above freezing. It can even form from dew or fog depending on the temperatures.  

The danger of black ice is that it will make your walkways and other hardscapes extremely slick but won’t necessarily make them look that way. Black ice is so dangerous because it can’t always be seen by people who are about to walk or drive on it.

So, what’s the solution? Stay apprised of the latest weather reports and make a plan for salting your hardscapes so that you’re ready if you need to be. 

#4 Plan Out Snow Stockpile Locations

This mostly applies to green spaces in colder climates. But even as far South as Georgia, snow is a possibility. And you want to be prepared! Alongside discussing your game plan for salting ice, be sure you also have staff in place to handle it. They should know your established plan for stockpiling plowed snow. 

You’ll want to designate a few areas where snow can be piled up without blocking walkways. If possible, also avoid piling too much snow over areas where it might negatively impact plants. While snow itself doesn’t generally kill plants, heavy piling can damage more delicate varieties. 

4 Tips to Prepare Your Green Space for Winter 

In summary, here is our best advice for making sure your green space is fit (and still fun) for the wintertime: 

  • #1 Clear Away Weeds, Leaves, Etc. 
  • #2 Keep Visitors Warm 
  • #3 Consider the Impact of Frost
  • #4 Plant Out Snow Stockpile Locations

The bonus to staying on top of the unique care your green space needs in the winter? That it will be less work to get it ready for spring, too!  

So, call a meeting of everyone involved and start your winter planning and prep. If you need more advice first, or don’t yet have the people in place to accomplish this, feel free to reach out to our team. 

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