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GolfPass Tells the Story of Pete Dye and His Legacy: Jerry Pate and The Dye Disciples

March 30, 2022 7:52 pm Published by

In the world of golf course designers, some of the great artistic geniuses have been deemed “Dye Disciples” after their most influential source of inspiration: the iconic Pete Dye.  Our founder, Jerry Pate, is one of them. Upon winning the Players Championship 40 years ago, Pate celebrated in the lake bordering the 18th hole of the course. He jumped in alongside other luminous figures of the day, including Dye.  A friendship and partnership would form from this serendipitous moment, leading to many a stunning golf course designed by Dye with Pate as a consultant. And today, as Pate leads our firm, he and I work together to carry on Dye’s legacy. As do many other giants of the golf course design world. Learn more about the Dye Disciples, in this detailed article from NBC’s GolfPass. 

The Value of Proper Irrigation Design (For Your Pocketbook and the Planet)

March 7, 2022 9:51 pm Published by

When we talk about landscape architecture, one of the most important factors to consider is irrigation. Why? Well, plants need water! And while they do get this naturally from rainfall, a proper irrigation design will make the most of that rainfall and other sources of hydration. That can save you money, improve the conditions of the environment, keep people in the landscape safe, and help the planet. It’s no small list! So, let’s discuss the value of proper irrigation design in a little more detail.   Irrigation Keeps Plants Healthy (And Looking Like It) This is probably the most obvious benefit of proper irrigation design, but it is inarguably key! What is the point of pouring time and money into a landscape design that ends up looking wilted or brown? If you don’t invest in a proper irrigation design (via Certified Irrigation Designers; more on that here), this could happen!  The volume of rainfall your landscape experiences can vary based on a plethora of elements. For example, if you have a large amount of tree cover, the plants and grasses below might get less water. But when you have an irrigation system that enables you to direct more water to them, […]