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Proud of Pensacola: Check Out the Latest Cultural Happenings in Our Great City

March 16, 2023 7:58 pm Published by

If we may, we’d like to take a break from our regularly scheduled landscape architecture-related programming to brag about our dear Pensacola! If you didn’t know, the “Western Gate to the Sunshine State” is Jerry Pate Design’s home base. And we are proud of it!  Garden & Gun recently shared an article all about the arts and culture scene here in our hometown, and we can’t resist sharing it. Especially since it includes a photo of the overhead balloon display Foo Foo Fest brought to a streetscape we created. We love the reminder of how intertwined our passionate team is with the landscape of our beloved city.  Read all about the opera, children’s chorus, Broadway, and more that are thriving in or on their way to Pensacola:  Come for the Coast, Stay for a Show

5 Types of Grass for Your Commercial Landscape (#2 Is a Durable Favorite)

March 14, 2023 5:53 pm Published by

To some, grass is grass. But any landscape expert knows that there are quite a few options with different pros and cons for grass cover. Everything from how much shade a location gets to the levels of humidity in a certain climate to the wildlife traversing it—and more—can influence the choice you should make. In the context of commercial landscaping, the expected foot traffic should also play a huge role in this decision. So, today we’re going to share a bit of our own expertise … here are five types of grass you could consider for your commercial landscape. #1 St. Augustine Grass We’re starting with this out of the types of grass because of its beauty! St. Augustine, a warm-season turf grass, also can tolerate a bit more shade than some types of turf, which makes it a popular choice for partly shaded lawns. However, it can be a little more maintenance than some other types, as it can be susceptible to disease and pest pressures. But in the South, that doesn’t tend to be a problem! It also doesn’t necessarily do great with intense foot traffic. But for a patch of grass within a more visual landscape feature, […]

How to Create Beloved Green Spaces: 4 Design Ideas

February 10, 2023 6:02 pm Published by

In the mission to design gorgeous landscapes, the goal of building green spaces that people can enjoy sometimes gets lost. We don’t deny that the plant life and irrigation—often a landscape architect’s first thoughts—are key. But here at Jerry Pate Design, we believe in crafting open-air environments that welcome the people who experience them. We want to invite them to be in nature and find relaxation and inspiration as a result. So, let’s talk about a few of our favorite design ideas to create beloved (because it is the month of love, after all 😉 ) green spaces.  #1 Design Ideas for Rest  During a people-centric design process, it helps to consider concepts through the lens of the human need. Whether we’re designing a green space in the middle of a shopping center or a winding therapeutic garden outside a hospital, rest is a core need we seek to accommodate. As beloved green spaces go, those with opportunities for a comfortable seat tend to impress.  Thus, one of our favorite design ideas for beloved green spaces is to incorporate vignettes that open to a bench. Keep in mind that a bench itself doesn’t make for a good seating area. The […]

Community Adoption: See How Our Clients Are Enjoying Their Landscape Architecture

December 12, 2022 5:53 pm Published by

When we begin a new project, there are many goals in mind for the landscape architecture. We aim for it to be beautiful, aligned with our client’s wants and needs, and sustainable. But another overarching mission that informs everything we do is that of community adoption. When landscape architecture is successfully designed, it is a perfect canvas for the owners to activate to their uses.  Ultimately, it is the community that brings the vibrancy and life to an environment. But that will only happen if it is well-conceived by us from the start.  Happily, many of our clients have indeed added to the landscapes we’ve put in place for them. Today, we’re celebrating a few of the ways they have made our work their own—for the betterment of their communities …  Landscape Architecture Gives Way to Festival Balloons We love to bring color to our landscape architecture projects through plant life. However, with a streetscape, this is naturally more limited. No matter though, because our clients brought the color during Foo Foo Fest, a local Pensacola arts and culture gathering!  Verdant, healthy trees line wide-open walkways—and on this day, it all gave way to the brightest pops of color overhead. […]

4 Tips to Prepare Your Green Space for Winter

November 14, 2022 8:27 pm Published by

With every new season comes a fresh opportunity to renew your green space. By keeping the time of year in mind, you can ensure that it continues to be a place people enjoy spending time in. This is perhaps never more relevant than in winter. That is especially true if you live in a climate with extreme cold temperatures. But even if you only get a few chilly days or a single frost, it is worthwhile to consider how you can make your green space better for those circumstances. Here are four tips to prepare your green space for winter!  #1 Clear Away Weeds, Leaves, Etc.  Although many people associate weeds with the impressive burst of life that comes from the springtime, fall has its own varieties. Depending on where your green space is located, this could be more or less of a problem. But it doesn’t hurt to allocate a little time to ensuring your environment is spruced up to look its best during the bare winter months.  If you work with a landscape architect to plan and manage maintenance, you won’t have to do this part yourself. Either way, try to make sure it gets done.  While you’re […]