Community Adoption: See How Our Clients Are Enjoying Their Landscape Architecture

December 12, 2022 5:53 pm Published by

When we begin a new project, there are many goals in mind for the landscape architecture. We aim for it to be beautiful, aligned with our client’s wants and needs, and sustainable. But another overarching mission that informs everything we do is that of community adoption. When landscape architecture is successfully designed, it is a perfect canvas for the owners to activate to their uses.  Ultimately, it is the community that brings the vibrancy and life to an environment. But that will only happen if it is well-conceived by us from the start.  Happily, many of our clients have indeed added to the landscapes we’ve put in place for them. Today, we’re celebrating a few of the ways they have made our work their own—for the betterment of their communities …  Landscape Architecture Gives Way to Festival Balloons We love to bring color to our landscape architecture projects through plant life. However, with a streetscape, this is naturally more limited. No matter though, because our clients brought the color during Foo Foo Fest, a local Pensacola arts and culture gathering!  Verdant, healthy trees line wide-open walkways—and on this day, it all gave way to the brightest pops of color overhead. […]