How to Create Beloved Green Spaces: 4 Design Ideas

February 10, 2023 6:02 pm Published by

In the mission to design gorgeous landscapes, the goal of building green spaces that people can enjoy sometimes gets lost. We don’t deny that the plant life and irrigation—often a landscape architect’s first thoughts—are key. But here at Jerry Pate Design, we believe in crafting open-air environments that welcome the people who experience them. We want to invite them to be in nature and find relaxation and inspiration as a result. So, let’s talk about a few of our favorite design ideas to create beloved (because it is the month of love, after all 😉 ) green spaces.  #1 Design Ideas for Rest  During a people-centric design process, it helps to consider concepts through the lens of the human need. Whether we’re designing a green space in the middle of a shopping center or a winding therapeutic garden outside a hospital, rest is a core need we seek to accommodate. As beloved green spaces go, those with opportunities for a comfortable seat tend to impress.  Thus, one of our favorite design ideas for beloved green spaces is to incorporate vignettes that open to a bench. Keep in mind that a bench itself doesn’t make for a good seating area. The […]